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Art & Photography

We aim to:

  • Make Art rewarding and enjoyable for every student!
  • Encourage and cultivate artistic skill and confidence.
  • Develop the creative and technical skills of all learners, regardless of their natural ability.
  • Enable students to engage with and understand Art works from different times and cultures, and to express their opinions.
  • Encourage students to engage with, and appreciate the visual and cultural world around them.
  • Enable students to make and create meaningful and amazing Art work.

Staff List

Mr W Leonowicz - Head of Art, Edexcel moderator
Mrs L Paice - Year Leader, Year 11
Mrs T Welch - Art Teacher
Mrs L Kennedy - Art Technician/Administrator        
Mrs M Boddy - Art Technician

Courses we offer

In KS 3, Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a general course that covers a wide variety of activities, artists and trips. In Year 7, students focus on Still-life and Portraits; in Year 8, students focus on Landscape and Graphic Art; in Year 9, students focus on non-European art and culture – developing into modern European Art.

In KS 4, students embark on the GCSE course. We encourage students to develop their own artistic personalities, skills and creativity, with a view to develop Personal Portfolios over a one and a half year period.

In Key Stage 5, we offer A-level Fine Art and A-level Photography. The department is well equipped with the latest DSLR cameras, a suite of 20 computers dedicated to art work and photography, a dark room, kiln and printing presses.

We always encourage students to work directly from their own personal experience in a variety of media; and to examine how artists have engaged in the visual and cultural work around them – in order to respond for themselves in imaginative, creative and original ways.

Trips and Activities

Year 7 National Gallery, LONDON; Clay Club; Photography Club
Year 8 Imperial War Museum, Duxford
Year 9 Victoria & Albert Museum, LONDON
Year 10 Tate Britain, LONDON; Recylcled Fashion Show; GCSE Art Club
Year 11 Tate Modern, LONDON; Life Drawing
Year 12 Camden town, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, LONDON; Life Drawing
Year 13 Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, LONDON; Life Drawing

 Key Websites

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BBC Bitesize: ART
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