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What we aim to achieve with our students

The ICT Department aims to enable students to use Information Technology confidently.

We believe that students need to gain a good working knowledge of common programs and take a positive attitude to problem solving so that they will be able to cope well with new programs and media in their adult lives.

At present we are developing schemes of work that cover the new Computing curriculum.

Students are expected to have good file management and their own back up strategies. Emphasis is placed on e-safety through lessons based on CEOPS materials which are used as the basis for individual thought and group discussions.

Our students are well prepared for higher education and the workplace. The school’s VLE, RealSmart, and Google Drive are used extensively by students in all year groups.  All students have a school email address which they used with these services.

Mr A Somerville (Head of ICT)
Mrs V Bryant
Ms A Lawther
Mr J Pieterse

The Courses that we run


In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students follow the Key Stage 3 ICT National Curriculum. Each student has two ICT lessons per fortnight. These are mixed ability. A three-year curriculum has been designed that enables students to become confident with using Microsoft and Macromedia programmes; to try out various programming environments and be aware of the impact of technology systems. The syllabus includes an understanding of the effects that the Internet has; how to search the Web efficiently; making professional presentations; graphics: making games; control; using data and modelling spreadsheets.


In Year 10 all students take ICT:

Some opt for the BTEC Level 2 Information & Creative Technology Certificate which is equivalent to 2 GCSEs A* - C.  Students take the three compulsory units in Year 10 then complete the coursework units in Year 11.


The rest of the year group take the AQA ICT Functional Skill Level 2 exam when they are ready to do so – this is equivalent to a half-GCSE grade C.  This proves competency in the use of Microsoft Office programs.  Students then work on aspects of Computer Science and programming.

OCR GCSE Computing is taken as a twilight course by a small group of students from the end of Year 10.


Students follow the Edexcel Applied ICT course. AS students take three units - the Information Age, the Digital Economy and the Knowledge Worker.  A2 students learn project management and reach a high standard in databases and spreadsheets.


Items of particular interest

The ICT Faculty offers a range of extra-curricular activities, including the following:

  • Contacts with local businesses
  • Clubs
  • Animation
  • Competitions
  • Robotics
  • Programming
  • Trips to Microsoft in Cambridge