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Enrichment Opportunities

Sport in the Sixth Form

There is an array of sporting opportunities available at The Knights Templar Sixth Form. Use of the fitness suite and recreational sports are available for those students looking to stay fit and healthy, while there are competitive football, rugby, hockey, netball and athletics teams for those students who require a more competitive environment.

We have had a great deal of success at senior level sports competitions such as; retaining both the athletics and football district titles and finishing 3rd in the district netball league. We have even run our first international sports tour to Holland with this year’s senior football squad and we hope to make this an annual event!

Our teams compete in local, county and national events and always represent the school with huge levels of skill, determination and of course, courage and courtesy.

Music in the Sixth Form

The Winter concert and music tour to Lake Garda are just some of the many music events involving sixth form students at KTS. Students are given access to the school’s wonderful musical facilities, including the music technology equipment and are frequently involved in musical events for our own school and the wider community. The school ‘Big Band’ and Senior Choir involve a huge number of sixth form students and we are always eager to provide the chance for musical students to experience new opportunities and challenges through their talent.

Drama in the Sixth Form

Sixth form students are an integral feature of the extra-curricular life of the drama department. They are often cast in leading roles in the fantastic school productions and have even been involved in the directing and choreographing of productions, such as Project 100. These events really do involve the whole school but often show case what incredible talent we have in the sixth form and we always strive to provide such opportunities for our students.

There are also opportunities for those students with a passion for the technical aspects of theatre and production.  A small group of sixth formers have the opportunity to work with the school’s technical theatre equipment for 1 hour a week to learn their trade and apply it, when assisting with school productions and other large events.


We have recently started to utilise our sixth form students as mentors for pupils in lower years. The students have received the training to speak with pupils who may be having difficulties in their academic and social lives. Our mentors develop a vast range of skills and use these when meeting and assisting pupils with their day-to-day school lives, as well as planning for their progression in and out of the classroom. We have been thrilled by the enthusiasm and positivity shown by the sixth form mentors for this initiative and we are now looking to build and expand the programme to reach even further across the whole school.