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Work Experience

Work Experience, 17-21 July 2017 

As you continue your exciting week of work experience, do not forget to complete your feedback forms and the end of every day! There are a total of six (Monday to Friday and an Overall). It is important you are honest in your feedback (you may feel slightly different as the week goes on). Remember you are not only representing the school but yourself!

Monday WEX Feedback form

Tuesday WEX Feedback form

Wednesday WEX Feedback form

Thursday WEX Feedback form

Friday WEX Feedback form

Overall WEX Feedback form

Please use the following links if you are having trouble linking to the Google Classroom sheets!

Any problems please email:

(Don't forget to send your selfie and photos at work to the WEX email too!)


Mr Breadmore and Mrs Gunnell (Work Experience Co-ordinators)


Letter to WEX Employers

Employers' Feedback Form