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The Governing Board 2018/2019

CHAIR  Mrs S. Welch
VICE CHAIR  Mrs P. Poole
HEADTEACHER  Mr T. Litchfield, G.G.S.M.

Governors elected by the staff
Mr J Grove (October 2018-2022)

Governors elected by the Parents
Ms N. Bull (November 2018 - 2022)
Ms B. Morris (November 2015-2019)
Mrs M. Dudderidge (November 2015-2019)
Mrs C. Cooper (November 2018 - 2022)

Community Governors
Mr D. Wardrop (December 2017-2021)
Mrs C. Gough (January 2008 - August 2020)            
Mr G. Kingsley (August 1996-2022)
Mrs P. Poole (December 2017-2021)
Mrs S. Welch (August 2008-2020)
Mrs C. Connolly (October 2018-2022)

Ex Officio Governors
Mr T. Litchfield, Headteacher
Miss S. Barker, Deputy Headteacher
Mr J. Swift, School Business Manager 

Associate Members
Mr P. Barnett

The Governing Body has 3 committees:
Finance and Strategy: Chair - Mrs S Welch
Teaching, Learning and Students: Chair - Mrs M Dudderidge
Curriculum, Assessment and Achievement: Chair - Mrs B Morris

Clerk   Mrs E. Battarbee

(the date indicates the governor's term of office)


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