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What we are trying to achieve with our students

Sociology is offered as an option at A level. The aim of the course is to enable students to acquire a knowledge and critical understanding of contemporary social processes.

The early years of the twenty first century are seeing major changes in British society and an increase in the importance of global issues. It is against this background that the course is presented.

There is an emphasis on developing skills and students are encouraged to analyse and evaluate sociological arguments and evidence and present their ideas in a coherent and logical way.

There are many opportunities to pursue Sociology and related subjects in higher education. It is also an excellent choice of subject for those who want a career in social work, medicine, teaching, marketing, journalism and law. Most importantly, student should study Sociology because they have an interest in the society in which they live.

Staff List

Ms K Bradley, Head of Sociology

Mrs J Draper, Teacher of Sociology


Courses we offer

We follow the AQA exam board specification.

Throughout the course there is an emphasis on acquiring knowledge and understanding of sociological theories and concepts and on developing skills of interpretation, application and evaluation.

Students are required to develop their essay writing skills.

In year 12 students study Families and Households, Education, and Sociological Methods.

In year 13 students study Beliefs, Crime & Deviance and Sociological Theory & Methods.

All assessment is by written examination at the end of the two year course.