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Presentation by Daniel Barnicott to Governors Meeting 10/01/17

Over the last four years, I have been privileged to have been a part of something that could be classed as a fantastic journey within this school. Seven years ago when I joined the school it had one section of recycling run by Mr Capon, the old head of Design and technology, who had a 20ft shipping container on site in which he recycled cardboard and newspaper which then got taken away by a company called Pearson. I did not actually know about this part of recycling within the school until I joined EST. Five years ago a group of students and staff set up an extra curriculum lunchtime club called the Energy and Sustainability team or EST as many know it now. The aim of this club was to engage students in helping make the school a greener place and so it started out with recycling white paper in the cardboard boxes that the plain A4 paper for the printers came in. The group made a video to show the process from using the paper to recycling it. This video was sent into a competition that we won, enabling three students and Mr Rose to an environmental conference in Brussels. The group then bought eight chickens and made a run for them to live in. 

In 2013, I joined the group in which I took on the role of being the recycling manager. We introduced six blue and red bins, that would be used for cans and plastic recycling, which were located around the school as well the metal frames that you see in the canteen and some of the staff offices today. Continuing to build up a strong relationship with Pearson we then decided that all of our paper and card recycling would go through them. Recycling the equivalent of 36 tonnes of paper between 2011 when Mr Capon started and 2014, which isn’t much considering how much we use. We then moved onto working with North Herts District Council and had four large cardboard/mixed recycling bins, which we still have. The school slowly learnt their way around the recycling system. Today we now have six different types of recycling and several links with the local schools after we held primary linking days where six students from each of the local primary schools could come and have a taste of what EST was like at KTS.  EST now coordinates all of the waste and recycling within the school through our bin providers NHDC. 

When Mrs Jan Waite died, we collaborated with Mrs Weston and the English department to create a beautiful reading garden in one of the quads in K Block. I remember being on study leave and my breaks from revision were working with Richard Chennels, a previous student who is now on an apprenticeship with an agricultural engineering company, where we moved over 6 tonnes of gravel and shingle from the K Block car park into the Quad. Boy was it worth it when we finished. (To clarify, our studies were not affected and we both came out with eight gcse's above c level) 

Did I mention we have over 250 solar panels located on the school roofs, which is not only lowering the schools electricity bill, but is also a sustainable way of us using electricity.    

In the last year, we have developed two projects. The collection and sale of old apple product boxes and the Knights Apple Juice in which we have had over 400 bottles made, all the apples were donated by staff, students, parents and friends of KTS, with the odd 100 apples which were picked by EST students at an apple orchard. The apple juice has sold extremely well making the school a profit of over £1000. This is something we are extremely proud of and wish to continue. Some of the money from this has contributed to the planting of eight apple trees, which are located in the 'front garden' along Park Street outside the sixth form common room. Something that several students turned up to help plant last week. 

There are probably hundreds of things that I have missed that EST have carried out over the last six years, but to fit it all into ten minutes is unrealistic. The future, well, who knows? The apple juice we had never thought of until someone had suggested it, six weeks later 380 bottles were being delivered to the school and here we are now planting our own apple trees in the hope to continue this fantastic sustainable fundraiser.

EST has played a huge part of my school life and one I am very grateful for. One I am sad to leave as I move into my professional career after my last five months. EST has given me, amongst every student who has been part of it, confidence, and resilience and dare I say it Courage and Courtesy. 

Of course, I must not forget to give gratitude to the fantastic members of staff who have given hours of commitment, dedication and patience to something that is actually only ever referred to as an "extra curriculum club".  

The Energy Sustainability Team. "Making a difference to the world whilst in full time education." 


 Energy and sustainability team

 Analysis of the Sustainability survey

for the KTS community (Pupils, staff and governors) 


There was about a 60% return of the survey.

It is wonderful to see that there is a lot of sustainable activity going on in the community. We can celebrate this.


It would be lovely to think that we can become more aware of the importance of doing many of the easier activities like




In the next school year, let us see if we can improve on our green credentials and try to address at least one more of the possible ways to help the environment.

The school EST would welcome ideas of what we can do in and around school towards this aim.

Let your School Council Representative know, or why not come along to join the team.

Thank you

Mrs Gough and the Energy and sustainability team, 2012


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