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Safer Internet presentations used in February 2017 in assemblies and tutorials:




One of the biggest differences between the lifestyles of today's children and those of their parents and teachers is the influence of computers and everything associated with them.

Parents are often concerned their own expertise in this area is overshadowed by that of their children.

The government has recommended the following guide for parents issued by UK's Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCISS):      Help your children keep safe online

Hertfordshire County Council provide an up to date list of useful e-safety sites

The following website has much good advice for parents: Common sense media

as does this clear and helpful site: Protect-kids-online 

Mr Somerville, the school's Head of Computing has written this message for students and parents.

The following section offers frequently updated links to interesting and useful information concerning e-safety. Below this section are further links with useful advice for parents.

Please find below some links to articles you may find useful.

Follow this link to some very good and clear advice for parents regarding e-safety.

This short video might also be of interest.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation on helping children stay safe. 

A Fact sheet about facebook

An information sheet to help parents bridge the gap between their knowledge and that of their child.